IB ACIO ( officer ) exam sample question papers

In the previous article (IB 750 ACIO ( Officer ) exam pattern with full syllabus), we discribed various thing about this exam; Yes, we are talking about Intelligence Bureau’s Assistant Central Intelligence Officer exam . Now, to know more about the written examination nature, we are providing the full question paper format and some sample question papers for this exam ..

Question Paper Format for IB ACIO

There will be two question papers in the written examination .

  • Objective  – There will be multiple choice type questions .
  • Descriptive – There will be subjective type questions .

1. Objective Type Question Paper format for IB ACIO

Basically there will be four parts in the question paper, and the possibility is that the marks of all the parts will be same .

  1. General Awareness – All the questions will be based upon current affairs and G.K.
  2. English Language – Objective type questions based upon English Language .
  3. Mathematics – All will be based upon Maths, questions which can solved quickly, will be added .
  4. Reasoning – Same as of any other graduate level exam for a government job .

2. Descriptive Type Question Paper format for IB ACIO

This is a question paper, designed to test your knowledge about English . You have to write essay or letter in this exam .

You have to complete both the papers in just 1 hour and 40 minutes .

Some Sample Question Papers

I have organised some sample question papers for IB ACIO exam for you; These question papers are from various blogs and website on the internet .

Download Paper 1

Download Paper 2

( There will be need for password to download these question paper file, to get the password, you have to go here , and click on ‘ Like ‘ , the owner will give you passwords by email )

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