MBA or MCA – Which is better for a BCA student ?

BCA is one of the most popular courses for you; If you want to make a career in IT world . Normally, it is very clear that a BCA student should go for MCA, if he/she want to be alive in IT industry. But if he lost his/her interest or fire about his/her passion, then obviously he/she will think about some other options too .

And most of us know the second best option for a BCA student is ‘ MBA ‘ ; Yes, he/she will not work deeply in IT world anymore but there are also big packages of salary .
Both have its own values and equal scope but it all depends upon your aspiration . You have to decide what you want to be in your future .

MCA - Systems Analyst / Software Programmer / Software Application Architect / Software Developer

MBA - Management Consultants / Account Manager / Project Manager / Equity Research Analysts / Marketing Manager

I know both are having dashing posts so do not go for first higher salary package, try to know your interest and demands of each job .

If you are not enjoying to learn computer languages and want to be just a human who talks to human only then I will suggest you to change your line .

Both the doors are open for you; You can take admission in MBA or MCA; You are eligible for both.

If the interest is equal in both the fields then prefer a good institute to take the admission .


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