How to Join RAW in India ( RAW Recruitment & Jobs )

Research and Analysis Wing , is a external intelligence agency of Indian Government; You may call it ‘ A secret department ‘ . Basically it is known as RAW, one another name is, R&AW . RAW is an independent agency; It means, the agency work in its own way and it works under prime minister office . The information interchanged between PMO & RAW, are highly confidential .

Duties of RAW ?

In simple words, RAW is keeping its eyes on other countries developments in every field which is related to India, since 1968 . Research Officers or Agents, are posted in every sensational part of the world to perform their duties to nation .

If you are thinking to work as a secret agent in RAW  then think twice; You have a great opportunity to do something for your nation but without any public credit . If you do not believe in fame then here is everything for you .

Recruitment & Jobs in RAW

It’s RAW way, that they do not give any direct recruitment notice; They select candidates either from any other department or any other recruitment process ( Few days back candidates who got selected in UPSC exam, were offered jobs in RAW ) .

Generally RAW ( Research and Analysis Wing ) does not recruit candidates directly; They recruit candidates from other government departments in India ( Armed forces, Intelligence Agencies, Police Services, Administrative Services etc. ) . Most of the personnel are from IB ( Intelligence Bureau ) .

Now a days, candidates are being recruited directly from universities and colleges too

If you are thinking that only secret agents work there, then you are wrong, As RAW is a organization so there is a need of every thing just like a simple office; There is a need of clerks, stenographers, analyst, desk officer, accountants, admin officer etc. We will start from the top .

Note – The above one is not a official logo of RAW .

1. Recruitment of Director in RAW

Most of the directors are from Indian Police Services ( IPS ); and other first grade services . A candidate who is already working as a Grade 1 officer in government departments such as armed forces, intelligence agencies etc.; may be deputed as a RAW officer . RAW Allied Service ( RAS ) exam is specially made to absorb talent. Sanjeev Tripathi is the current Director of RAW from the RAS cadre . There are some other posts in the same cadre such as Additional Director, Joint director, special director etc .

2. Field officer jobs

These are the real heroes of RAW, A field officer is who works in the real situations . These officers are also carried out from intelligence agencies, police services, military services etc.

Various Posts under this category are following :-

  • Senior Field Officer ( Similarly a FO needs to serve for atleast 5 years to be promoted as a SFO )
  • Field Officer ( You will need atleast 8 years service as DFO to be promoted as FO )
  • Deputy Field Officer
  • Assistant Field Officer

3. Analyst Level

Generally they are posted on a desk job, An analyst play a great role in the organization .

Various Posts under this category are following :-

  • Central Intelligence Officer
  • Assistant Central Intelligence Officer – ( IB have recently invited application for this post )
  • Junior Intelligence Officer
4. Experts in Various Field
RAW is having a panel of experts in various fields; Whether you are a handwriting expert, a super computer hacker or any other special one, RAW had a lot opportunity for you .
You have to join any other agency and prove yourself, then you have a chance to enter this intelligence agency .

So basically you can not join RAW directly ( Right Now ), If you really want to work in this agency then you have to join some other department and prove yourself there . But there may be a direct recruitment in RAW in future .

For most of the respected posts, the educational qualification is graduation .