SSC Stenographer skill test procedure & guide

SSC ( Staff Selection Commission ) have recently conducted the written test, a part of ‘ SSC Combined Stenographer Grade C & D Exam ‘ on 29-07-2012 . I hope you have done very well in your written exam, so let us move to the next stage. As we all know the next stage is ‘ Skill Test ‘ . And candidates who will qualify this skill test will be considered for the final merit list of selected candidates . Take a look at the details :-

What is the Skill test ?

The skill test is basically a ‘ Stenography Speed Test ‘ . Candidates have to prove themselves that they know the stenography very well . Candidates may give this test in any method of stenography . Two main methods are:-

  1. Gregg Shorthand
  2. Pitman Stenography

In India, about 95% stenographer use the second one .

Take a look at the sample of Pitman Stenography

Some very interesting fact about SSC Stenographer exam

  • Every year about 3 lakhs candidates apply for this exam and 70% of them, do not know anything about stenography at the time of notification of the advertisement . Some of them start learning just after applying and some after written examination . See what happened last year
  • Many candidates think that this is a typing test; Yes, there will be a typing too but first dictation will be given on the paper and then you have to convert it & type it, on computer . i.e. A paragraph will be spoken at very fast speed ( 80 wpm – 100 wpm ) and you have to write it on paper with the help of stenography codes ; After dictation, you have to type the same codes on computer by converting them to simple words .
  • Every time, only half of the total vacancies are filled out. As only few candidates get a chance to clear the skill test ( stenography test ) . That is the reason, SSC set the cut off marks at very down level . See the report
  • Only 60% candidates appear in the skill test as they know that it will not be possible for them to crack the test .

How to prepare for the skill test  ( SSC Stenography Test ) ?

Believe me or not; No one can prepare for the skill test in just one or two months . Yes, one can learn stenography in just 1 month but what about the speed ? You have to practice atleast 6 months to crack the skill test of Grade ‘ D ‘ stenographer . And if you preparing for grade ‘ C ‘ then I will advise to start now, for the next year .

If you have learned it, then here some tips for making speed:-

  • Find some one who can dictate you the whole English/Hindi news paper daily for atleast 30 days; however the paragraph by SSC, will be easy as compared to a newspaper language .
  • Get in front of T.V. and follow the anchor by your stenography skills .
  • Always try to find out shortcuts, that describe a good stenographer; Always carry a stenography dictionary instead of a answer key .
  • Take a look at the last pages of your book ( Don’t you have a stenography book ? ) , you can find some important words there; Now write these words atleast 20-30 times .
  • Practice from magazines; The most popular magazine for learning stenographers, – ”  Kailash Chandra Transcription ” .

I hope you liked these tips; Now let us get to the procedure for this skill .

SSC Stenographer Skill Test Procedure

Requirement for Grade ‘ D ‘ Steno

Dictation Speed – 80 wpm for both the language ( Hindi & English )

It means total 800 words will dictated and you have type it on computer within:-

  • 50 minutes – English
  • 60 minutes – Hindi

Requirement for Grade ‘ C ‘ Steno

Dictation Speed – 100 wpm for both the language ( Hindi & English )

It means total 1000 words will dictated and you have type it on computer within:-

  • 40 minutes – English
  • 50 minutes – Hindi

Steps involved in the skill test of Stenography by SSC

  1. First of all, candidates are required to reach the examination hall at the time with his/her all original documents .
  2. Now candidates have to sit in front of official computers, and some personal details ( roll no. etc. ) will filled by the candidates .
  3. After completing the above formalities, candidates shall be called for transcription in another room. First, Two trial passage shall be dictated ( 1 – 1 min. duration ) and then the actual passage will be dictated . ( The passage will be dictated by a human being and the speed will be measured through a special kind of machine .)
  4. Now the candidates shall return to the transcription room and read their shorthand notes for 10 minutes .
  5. Now as soon as the reading time is over; Invigilator/Supervisor will announce to start the transcription . You have to complete it in double space in the given time .
  6. As the transcription time is over, candidates have to write a 50-60 words paragraph in his/her own handwriting on a separate sheet from the shorthand passage .
  7. After all this, candidates shall be required to submit all the sheets ( Shorthand notes, print out of transcribed notes, paragraph written in his/her own handwriting )  to the supervisor with his/her signature .

Mistakes in the skill test

Obviously you will do some mistakes in the skill; So have SSC have prescribed some standards for the mistakes :-

Download the file now !

Update :-

The skill tests are starting from 29th September 2012 .